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Quito 1: My Quito Adventure Begins

Updated: Apr 25

My South American adventure burst into full color the moment I touched down in Quito, Ecuador. The dramatic backdrop of snow-capped Andean peaks framing the city immediately set the stage for an unforgettable experience. As I stepped off the plane, the cool mountain air washed over me, a refreshing feeling. Knowing my taxi was arranged via lifted any stress of navigating a new city, allowing me to relax and enjoy the ride to my accommodation.

Arriving at the Viajero Hostel, I discovered a charming space – perhaps momentarily quieter than usual, but I was immediately welcomed by a friendly tabby cat who seemed perfectly at home amidst the inviting common areas. I briefly dropped my luggage and ventured out, eager to start exploring. Luckily, I'd pre-booked a spot on a unique walking tour with Tefa as my guide, promising a mix of history, culture, and delicious surprises. My taste buds were delighted to sample local liquors, rich Ecuadorian chocolate, and refreshing ice cream. The walking tour introduced me to the energy of Quito's streets, filled with bustling market vendors, the echoes of Spanish conversation, and a constant hum of activity.

As the afternoon wore on, a craving for a hearty Ecuadorian meal led me to the rooftop restaurant Vista Hermosa. Even in the fading light, the 360-degree views of Quito were breathtaking – the city lights starting to twinkle amidst a panorama of colorful houses and historic architecture rising towards the mountain peaks. My choice was the Locro de Papa, a comforting potato-based soup filled with creamy cheese and a half, unsliced avocado. This traditional dish was both delicious and filling, providing the perfect fuel for the rest of my evening.

Night had fully fallen by the time I sought out Quito's craft beer scene at Bandido Brewery. This brewery is a must-visit, not only for the delicious beers but also for its location inside a beautifully converted chapel. It's the perfect place to soak in some local atmosphere and sip on a well-crafted pint. I left Bandido feeling happy and relaxed but conscious of the time. Since there was some ongoing unrest in Ecuador during my visit, I'd been advised not to stay out too late. I returned to the hostel by 8:30 pm, noticing a visible presence of armed security throughout the city as a reminder of the current situation.

Bandido Brewery
Bandido Brewery

Back at the hostel, I had the opportunity to connect with other travelers and swap travel stories over a cup of hot chocolate. It was fascinating to hear about their adventures in various parts of South America, picking up tips and inspiration for my own journey. I retired to bed feeling a mix of excitement and contentment, ready to discover what the next day in Quito would hold.

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