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Setting Off from YVR: Embarking on a South American Adventure!

Updated: Apr 20

The excitement started to build as I made my way through Vancouver International Airport (YVR). With my bags checked and boarding pass in hand, mixed emotions swirled inside me. Even though I'd traveled solo before, a new adventure always brings a touch of nerves. Knowing about some recent unrest in my destination countries added another layer of uncertainty. Plus, I wished I'd brushed up more on my Spanish beforehand! Thankfully, I'd downloaded Duolingo and a few Spanish YouTube videos, which proved to be a lifesaver during the long flights.

Boarding Pass to Quito
Boarding Pass to Quito

But how did I end up here? Let's rewind a week...

Lucky me, I had the chance to work from anywhere in the world. All I needed was a solid WiFi connection and a thirst for adventure. The routine of working from my home office was starting to wear on me, and I craved a change of scenery. The idea of exploring a country I'd never been to before sparked a surge of excitement.

I wanted a place that would feel truly different, a chance to fumble through a new language, and see stuff I couldn't find back home. After some frantic googling about the best time to hit up South America, I stumbled upon photos that stopped me in my tracks – volcanoes, beautiful cities, and those crazy colorful markets!

Ecuador and Colombia popped up as possibilities: cheap flights (score!), decent weather, and that perfect mix of cities with cool history and outdoor adventures. Before I knew it, here I was - at YVR - ready to board my flight.

Air Canada whisked me smoothly to Montreal and then onward to Bogota. With a long layover, I took advantage of my Priority Pass and its 2 hours of included time to try out the El Dorado International Airport's Wait n' Rest sleeping pods. While compact and not fully soundproof, they did provide a private space to stretch out and rest for a bit before my final flight to Quito with Avianca.

Avianca Airplane
Avianca Airplane

With a mix of anticipation and curiosity, I boarded my flight from Bogota. Soon, the breathtaking Andes Mountains came into view, signaling my arrival in Quito, Ecuador.

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