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Build Your Vision: Learn and Grow with Visual Effects Mentorship


"Every Moment Counts - Keep Learning"


Photo: Priyank Murarka

Welcome to VFX Engine, where your journey into the Visual Effects world begins with a focus on Learning and Growth.

Our mission is to equip you with the creative tools and insights needed in a friendly, supportive space. Learning is our core, designed to unlock your potential and bring your ideas to life. Dive into this creative adventure with us, where each lesson is a step towards enhancing your skills and career. Let's start this exciting journey together!

Your Path to Professional Growth

At VFX Engine, we're all about fueling your journey through the exciting world of Visual Effects. Our tailored services are like your personal map, designed to sharpen your skills and spruce up your portfolio, guiding you every step of the way.

Whether you're looking to enrich your portfolio or dive deep with some one-on-one mentorship, we've got just the thing. Our offerings are crafted to meet you right where you are, delivering the know-how, skills, and insider insights you need to thrive in the bustling world of Visual Effects.

We're here for your growth, helping you weave through the VFX maze with ease and confidence, ensuring you’re all set to make your creative splash.


Ready to leap forward in your VFX adventure? Click the button below to head to our Learning Hub.



"In Every Second, Lies an Opportunity to Learn and Grow"

Photo: Priyank Murarka


"Reflecting the Journey: See Your VFX Career Through a New Lens"

Photo: Priyank Murarka

About VFX Engine

At VFX Engine, we stand at the crossroads of innovation and education in the visual effects industry, led by the expertise and vision of Priyank Murarka. With over ten years of experience, primarily in Compositing, Priyank is renowned for his ability to create photo-realistic visuals that perfectly blend art and technology. His portfolio is a testament to the high standards of visual deception he achieves, having worked across various studios, adapting to diverse environments, shows, budgets, and capacities.

Under Priyank's leadership, VFX Engine is more than a hub for learning—it's a collaborative space where seasoned professionals and emerging talent converge. Priyank's skill in managing teams, fostering collaboration, and ensuring structured project reporting reflects our core philosophy: to guide, educate, and inspire. His managerial expertise is not just about leading projects but about nurturing the growth of every artist he mentors.

VFX Engine is committed to the growth of each individual, with a focus on hands-on learning and continuous professional development. Priyank's significant contributions to VFX education—as a director at CEA and a compositing teacher at BVC—have shaped the careers of numerous aspiring artists. His dedication to sharing knowledge and igniting a passion for visual effects is the foundation upon which we build the future of VFX professionals.

Join us at VFX Engine, where learning meets leadership, creativity meets collaboration, and your potential meets our passion for growth.



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